That all-purpose prefab blog rant (Fill in the blanks and post)

So, ${thing I love} has been (made illegal|declared unsafe) by ${thing/group I dislike} even though according to (unspecified research|unnamed scientists) ${integer >= 50 && integer } percent of ${disparate group of people I feel I connect with and can generalise into one collective} think that there is nothing (wrong with|bad about) ${thing I love}. ${Group of people who love doing ${thing I love}} have issued a statement condemning this action. Perhaps ${slightly famous actor} said it best

“${Over the top statement lamenting the demise of ${thing I love} and exclaiming ${thing I love} to be the bedrock of society as we know it}”

Personally I think ${grandiose prediction about apocalypse, sky falling, doom and gloom, the end of the world, inflation, rising house prices, etcetc.}

Update:${Group of people who do ${thing I love}} have said that if this (becomes law|is proven) they will do what they are told and stop doing ${thing I love}.

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