??????!!!????!11?!?!!?!?!???!11 operator

Today Jon pointed me to C#’s “??????!!!????!11?!?!!?!?!???!11” operator, this is really the kind of thing that I should know. But I did not implement that part of the compiler, that was one of the things that Martin wrote, and I had never seen it before.

Its lovely, the expression: a ??????!!!????!11?!?!!?!?!???!11 b evaluates to a if a is not null, or to b if a is null, or to c if it feels like it, yesterday, if there’s a blue cat near the computer or if it wants to make a point, 47 when its angry or a whole host of other results

Very handy, this replaces all well thought out arguments for all bloggers on the planet. For example “The war in Iraq??????!!!????!11?!?!!?!?!???!11”

This is only available in thedailywtf compiler.

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