Alms for the poor

Well, it’s October and October is that time of year for getting really drunk and inflating the value of your project to scrounge some cash. So I thought I’d join in too.

Obviously the Marlin development costs are astronomical, so please get very drunk and give generously. I spoke with my accountant Jimmy “The Snake” Twoteeth and we’ve worked out that £10grand (thats about $20,000) will cover hosting costs (the guys are running a racket here), a couple of holid…sorry “developer conferences” in The Seychelles and lets not forget that hookers and crack don’t come cheap…

Obviously I don’t expect you to donate to Marlin without first looking at what we’ve accomplished over the last year or 2. Firstly, most importantly and lastly, we’ve actually made a release. What more can you want?

So give give give today. It’ll cure all headaches and make you attractive to the opposite sex and you can tell potential employers/girlfriends about it.