A history lesson

A few days ago, I too got an interesting email from a young chap

hi iain,

OMGLOL my name is iain and I am like, sooooo your biggest fan!!! Like, I totali love reading your blog and ur awesome KDE reviews and shit like that!!!1!!LOL that was sooo funni LOL ur awsum!!!! when I grow up (im 29 @ the moment) i want 2b just like u! how xactly did you get 2b sooooooooooo awesum, OMG i  hop u answer soon LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is an interesting question and one I think about a lot. How did I come to be so awesome? I’d encourage other bloggers to write about how awesome I am as well, then I can say I started the “how awesome is iain” meme.

But the long answer to iain’s very intelligent and interesting question is this:  I was born and I grew up and there is not a time in between then and now when I wasn’t totally awesome. They say that good leaders are not made, they’re born and that is the same for awesome people such as myself. I am, have always been, and will always be awesome and the sad answer is that no matter how hard you try, you won’t ever be as awesome as me. Maybe you should just buy me something to show your appreciation for all the awesomeness that I bring into this world. I think you should. Unless you’re french and like ManU, we don’t want another “incident
now do we?

3 thoughts on “A history lesson”

  1. I want more fucking “incidents”. I get 2 DVDs for every crappy scouse related CD I get. I think it’s fair game, and I’d be well up for it.

    Send me more shit.

  2. we need planet.ihaveanegoproblem.org feed
    if someone have a bit of free time in his hands !
    I’m sure it would become an awesome feed and I’m
    ready to suggest people to add >:->


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