Anjuta 2.26.0 released

20. March 2009

file-treeSo, yeah, we relaesed another version some days ago. You may want to read the previous posts about the new features here. Most notibly in the final version was the addition of  version control information to the file viewer. You can now see the status of your files using an emblem system like the famous TurtoiseSVN for Windows. It is actually meant to also work for git and we hope to get this done very soon in the next stable versions. There are some bugs preventing it at the moment. Otherwise everybody has done a great job and we significantly reduced the amount of bugs (from about 120 to 70, exluding enhancements)

As usual you can get the lastest version here:

Another interesting thing for some people is probably a new alpha version of the vala plugin. It’s still a bit buggy and incomplete but I would invite some of the vala developers out there to try and improve it.  It’s completely written in Vala so you can have some fun in this area!

Happy coding!

Dear lazyweb

25. February 2009

Has anybody experienced with gtk+ an idea about this bug?


P.S.: Hello Planet Openismus! And yes, I am working on this hackergotchi thing…

Anjuta 2.26 Preview

5. January 2009

Today, anjuta 2.25.4 was released as first beta of the upcoming anjuta 2.26. Actually I am sorry that we didn’t release any other 2.25.x but time is limited and we didn’t want to release something completly broken. Anyway, this release features various cool new things. For details see the NEWS entry but I will present the most important things here.


The toolbar has been simplified and cleaned of the bonobo stuff and the short-cuts of the menu items should now all match the HIG where this doesn’t conflict with specific IDE requirements. In addition some seldom used (and broken) menu items have been removed.

Symbol-db plugin

Finally, after it has been in alpha and beta stages in the last two releases, the symbol-db plugin is mostly finished and replaces the old symbol-browser in this release. This means anjuta uses the system installed ctags executable now instead of an (outdated) copy of the ctags sources. In addition every symbol is now kept in a sqlite database that is accessed using libgda. It works for all languages supported by ctags and allows us to have more symbol information and a faster lookup.

The symbol-db plugin also scans the packages required by the project automatically (using pkg-config). In addition, it also checks if the symbols are up-to-date, so it will rescan when you update gtk+ for example.

In the future we hope that it will help us to get a better auto-completion though this also depends on good language parsers.

Devhelp with webkit

The devhelp plugin has been updated to use webkit instead of gtkmozembed which makes it at least much easier to embed. The plugin provides all the features of devhelp trunk now. In addition, there is a link to now to make it possible to view the online reference manuals inside anjuta.


When starting up anjuta, a new start page is now displayed which gives quick access to common operations and provides links to the developer documentation. The thought behind this is to make it easier for newbies to get familiar with anjuta and the GNOME development model.


The bookmark interface has been completely rewritten to match the metaphor of bookmarks as it is used in web browsers. It is possible to assign names to bookmarks now and anjuta will automaticly propose names (such as the current symbol scope, the current selection or “file.c:35”). Bookmarks are remember accross sessions and saved with the project.

Internal improvements

The gnome-build module has been merged into anjuta as it had no other users and featured its own homebrew plugin system. It has been ported to use the anjuta plugin system and integrated with the project-manager.

Lots of work has been done to remove the use of gnome-vfs and libgnome(ui). It is not completely finished yet but should be done until 2.28.

Some new macros have been added to support log domains for debug messages to help finding the interesting messages

The scintilla editor has been updated to 1.77 to match with the upstream sources. It would be much easier if the scintilla team would release a library that we could link against but for now we have to ship their whole source tree.

In addition lots of bugs have been fixed especially in the HIG, usuability and search area. The full (long) list is in the NEWS file.

Special thanks:

(in no particular order)

  • Sébastien Granjoux (for general bug fixing, merging gnome-build and being totally awesome)
  • Massimo Cora’ (for doing the great work on the symbol-db plugin)
  • Naba Kumar (for giving lots of input on design decisions)
  • James Liggett (for the work on the version control plugins)
  • Adam Dingle (for many patches and lots of QA in bugzilla)
  • Jens Georg (for the GNOME-VFS porting)
  • Carl-Anton Ingmarsson (for various great patches)
  • Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (for updating devhelp to webkit and the new starter plugin)
  • All translators and people I possibly missed here

Anjuta startup time

9. October 2008

Anjuta start-up is really quite slow, taking about 5 seconds even if no session is loaded. So, I tried to find out what happens and why it is slow, using Frederico’s tools:

1.5 seconds => ld for linking about 80 libraries (will be improved by removing the deprecated bonobo/gnomeui/gnome-vfs stuff)

1.5 seconds => gtk_icon_theme_get_default()

2 seconds => loading the plugins

So, I think there is not much to improve for linking other then to remove some dependencies. For the plugins loading I hope to make some improvements but these are pretty big libraries so it might be difficult. But what annoys me is that the loading of the icon cache takes so long though it should actually get a shared object from the screen. Or am I wrong here? This is no cold start-up, the GNOME Desktop was already fully up. Any chance to shorten this time?

Update: alexl points out that it is because of the gtk-icon-cache being out-of-date and indeed running gtk-update-icon-cache on several directories fixed the issue. Anyway, I wonder if gtk+/gnome/something else should check for an up-to-date icon theme in the background and update it when idle.

Anjuta 2.5.90 released

19. August 2008

Anjuta team proudly announces the first unstable release Anjuta
DevStudio 2.5.90 that will eventually lead us to stable 2.6.0 release,
code named Cyclone. This is an unstable release, so be sure to adjust
your expectations accordingly. This is release is for upcoming GNOME
2.23.90 release.

There has been a huge changes done in this release from the last one,
both in terms of adding new features and improving existing ones. Also
large amount code cleanup to remove use of deprecated APIs was done.

Most important changes:

  • New git plugin
  • Improved build plugin allowing out of source builds and different configurations for debugging and profiling
  • Autocompletion for the gtksourceview editor

Thanks for this release to (alphabetically):
Halton Huo
Sabastien Granjoux
Massimo Cora
Arun Raghavan
Marc Lorber
Johannes Schmid
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne
Yuriy Penkin
Abderrahim Kitouni
James Liggett

and on Localizations:

Clytie Siddall,
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
Jorge Gonzalez
Yannig Marchegay
Djihed Afifi
Yuriy Penkin
Yannig Marchegay
Johannes Schmid
Ihar Hrachyshka
Jovan Naumovski
Duarte Loreto
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
Yair Hershkovitz
Nickolay V. Shmyrev
Ilkka Tuohela

Download: ?


Translations updates:
ar, be@latin, de, es, fi, gl, he, mk, oc, pt, ru, th, vi

Updates and bugfixes:
* Fix #536372: Write __MAX_BAUX instead of __MAX_BAUD
* Fix a crash when GNOME Terminal is not installed
* now search for symbols can be done also in global tags. Added a new
to search function and adjusted dependencies on different plugins.
* Put tables.sql into distribution
* Fix #536889 anjuta doesn’t pass “make check”
* Fixed #537398 – crash in Anjuta IDE: Closed project
* Fix #537134: critical warnings tools->plugin_deactivate
* Fix #534523: anjuta parses filenames from make wrong
GMatchInfo need to be freed even when regex fail in build_get_summary
* Fixed a possible bug where the project-manager plugin is deactivated
* Fix #536375: libsocket not included cause build fail on Solaris
* Add new scratchbox 1 plugin implementing IAnjutaEnvironment
* Enabled tooltips for recent files to identify full paths.
* Ported file-manager to gio
* Fix #530215 – Have a message area like gedit
* Using glib/gi18n.h instead of libgnome/gnome-i18n.h
* Fixed a crash on file selection. Gave enough buffer for the formated
time print.
* Restore text focus on switching editor with ALT+X and
navigating from local-symbols view.
* Fixed #528699 – Auto-indent ignores spaces-per-indent settings
* Fix #538798: UI selected tab document differs from real one
* Fix again #538798: UI selected tab document differs from real one
* Fix #538921 – Duplicated folders
* Fix #539726 – Completing port to GIO
* Fix #513156 – Get rid of libgnome(ui)
* Fix #538443 – Missing files in
* Fix #538906 – Enable state “Max actions” when “No limit” toggled
* Fix #449620 – Implement autocompletion for gtksourceview editor
* Fix #540731 – Port editor to gio
* Fixed loading of files from the command line
* Fixed crash when double-clicking on a breakpoint.
* Change (nearly) all interfaces to use GFile* instead of uris
Document all shell variables
* Fixed #541313 – Crash on saving file
* Fix #515954 – wrong anjuta-tags path
* Fixed global tags loading
* Fix bug #538217: Run in terminal option isn’t remembered
* Fix bug: Debugger sources directories isn’t remembered neither
* Fixed “Hide binary files”
* Fix #539551 – AutoComplete doesn’t work
* Fix #539551 – AutoComplete doesn’t work
* Fix #357697 – readonly file can be edited
* Fix #511762 – Multiple selection don’t work well when hitting enter
* Fix #535173 – UI isn’t updated on closing all documents
* Fix #500962 – Further icons
* Fix #475244 – AC_SUBST() not needed after PKG_CHECK_MODULES()
* Fix #518594 – Get rid of .anjuta and follow fd.o specifications
* Fixed #541689 – Filter buttons added
* Fixed symbol-db plugin for threaded libgda calls
* Show all completions even when the editor makes own suggestions
* #541941 – Crash on searching with regular expression
* Fixed #542838 – is creating tags in root
* Added ‘continue global tags scan after abort’ feature.
* Allow to build project outside source directory (fix #540782)
* Fix crash on closing project due to the previous patch
* Add more options for build command: parallel make, keep going on error
and keep message untranslated
* Fix another crash on closing project with a file outside project
* Fix #375640: Allow user to stop a build in progress
* Fix #534566: expand shell variable in configure parameters
* Fix #543889: Crash typing in configuration field
* Fix #522825: Opening files from shell disable build->compile menu
* Fix configuration name not displayed, error when compiling target
outside project
* Fix #543978: GPL license shown in COPYING file irrespective of
which license selected
* Fix #544190: Crash double click on item in stack trace
* Fix #530630: Scintilla hand up after hit return
* Fix #544841 – Cursor set on a wrong line when I click
* Fix several memory leaks in build plugin
* Keep all command data in one object
* Fix #544495: Memory leak
* Avoid using the same function name in interfaces implemented
by the same object to avoid trouble with bindings
* Fix crash on 64bits machine due to the previous change (thanks
* Fix #543149 Project doesn’t rebuild when file is changed
* Bug #529270 – GSoc: Git Plugin, alpha release 3.
* Add header file to expose libanjuta versioning information.
* Add a preference for the new visible whitespace feature of
* Pull GIO into the libraries that libanjuta links against. (Bug
* Fix #542432 – Svn diff doesn’t work correctly
Convert the output of svn diff from localce to utf-8
* Fix #545673 – A bug in isymbol_get_file function
Use g_file_new_for_uri() instead of g_file_new_for_path
* Fix #546620 – Build- and make dist fixes (with some small changes)
* Fix #420279 – INS and OVR do not immediately change in status bar
* Save files in their original encoding
* Use a fallback dialog if the document was not added to the
yet (#545557 – Crash pressing on message view)
* Fix #493818 Close project with opened target properties dialog opened
crash Anjuta
* 545624 – Toolbar broken
* Lots of improvements to symbol-db
* Use uf8_strlen instead of strlen to avoid selection problem with
non-ASCII search strings (see #440637 comment 15)
* New git plugin (Anjuta GSoC project)

Happy coding!

LinuxTag 2008 Berlin

29. May 2008

If anyone is attending LinuxTag, I will have a talk about the GNOME Development tools on Saturday 15:00 o’clock in Room “Paris”. It will be in German, a short description is available through the link below:

 GNOME Entwicklungswerkzeuge

I won’t have much time to be there at other times so don’t really expect to meet me at the conference.

Update: The slides

Anjuta status update

30. April 2008

So, we all have been busy to improve anjuta over the past weeks. Now, there are also some user visible changes in the UI:

  • Sebastien implemented a new Run plugin which eliminates the mess of having a Build->Execute and Debug->Execute which both do not really fit. Instead, there is now a new “Run” menu which allows you to run programs (with or without debugger) and set a lot of parameters including environment variables of all kind.
  • Due to popular request I started a document-manager bug-fixing day and added some of gedit features to anjuta (#529528 and #453702). There is now a “Documents” menu that allows switching between the open documents (by the menu and by keyboard). To avoid cluttering the menu bar too much, the “Goto” menu is now a submenu of the “View” menu as I guess people either use accels to access these items or rarely use them.
  • Work on the new symbol database continues. Massimo is doing a great job and the project-wide symbol are already working great (requires libgda-v4). Now, we have to work on the system wide symbols to autocomplete all libraries bound to the project.

Screenshots coming soon…

Anjuta Python-Binding

20. March 2008

Sébastien put up a nice website for the Anjuta Python-Bindings!

No more excuses not to write plugins!

Anjuta 2.4

15. March 2008

So, I haven’t yet written about our new release, the first one that is included in mainline GNOME. Partly motivated by Miguels’s post on MonoDevelop (which would actually share a lot of code with anjuta in case they hadn’t rewritten all the libraries in C#) I will present the new and improved features. Some were already mentioned in an older post.


Code editing is probably the most essential part of an IDE. While it’s pretty unlikely to convert people using vim/emacs to an IDE we at least try to make people happy that have used IDEs on other operating system or are coding using GEdit. There have been plenty of improvements in code completion and auto-indentation in this release and it should work pretty well for C/C++ now. We always look for people to write language-support plugins for more languages (yeah, it’s easy…). This release also features the latest and best version of GtkSourceView.

Autocompletion and calltips in action

In addition we also improved the way to quickly search in a file using the new “Quick Search Bar”. (c) of this is probably from the vim/emacs and firefox developers, but why shouldn’t we copy it if it’s good!

Quick search bar

UI Design

With this release we made a big step towards better glade integration also thanks to the glade-3 developers. The old and ugly “Glade”-menu is now gone and instead the “File” and “Edit” menu items will now also work on the opened glade file. And the glade file is displayed like any other source file in the central editor window.


But there is still room for improvements!

Version Control

The Subversion plugin was improved in many ways and it a pleasure to use now. It gives you much better control over operations then the command line frontend. You can for example select which files to commit, resolve conflicts and view logs now in the GUI:


The great work on subversion plugin was done by James Liggett (who is looking for a part-time job in case you need a talented GTK+ hacker…).


With this release, the debugger doesn’t suck any more. You can debug your code with nearly all features available from gdb, inspect variables, set breakpoints, set watches, etc. And it’s rocking stable now and should make your live on killing bugs much easier:



Thanks to everyone who made this release possible, especially, Naba, Sébastien, Massimo, James, Tom, Rob and all the translator who fought this 1700 string monster (and reported all these l10n bugs).


Anjuta follows the GNOME approach to try to keep things simple and our Roadmap reflects that. The goal is to make the existing features perfect before adding yet another. Of course that does not mean we are not interested in new plugins. Everybody who wants to contribute is highly welcome, especially for supporting more languages.

FOSDEM and GTK+ bugs

26. February 2008

FOSDEM was great fun and I had a great time with Jürg and the Swiss Vala Gang.

Here is a photo from the “What you dislike” part of the GNOME wall (sorry for the bad quality):

bug #57060

Would be cool if the Gtk+ Hackweek would result in a fix.

And if someone wants to fix the anjuta top-crasher (which is a gdl/gtk+ bug), review the patch at bug #467698 – Thanks!

Update: I did not write that note but the bug number is #56070. Thanks to andre and ebassi for pointing out!