NetworkManager 1.0.12 brings a couple of fixes

Hello there!

It’s quite some time since we’ve done an update to the 1.0.x version. As it matures,  we’re busy getting the 1.2.x tree ready for release. Nevertheless, fixes waiting to be delivered have accumulated over the time, so we’re releasing them now.

The new version fixes a number of issues, such as

  • a crash in Wi-Fi management that has been bothering users according to the volume of ABRT bug reports,
  • ordering of the NetworkManager.service in systemd-managed distributions
  • a low severity race condition that could cause a leak of connection secrets (Wi-Fi password) to a local authenticated user
  • bad behavior when another tool created a Wi-Fi monitor mode interface

You can read more in the NEWS file or the Release Announcement.

If your distributor ships NetworkManager 1.0.x, you can probably expect an update soon. Fedora 23 users can grab the new release from the updates-testing repository, Fedora 24 testers already run a 1.2.x snapshot.

PS: Thanks for responses to the user survey. It’s very valuable to us. We’re reading every single of the 1500 responses, so it may take time till we respond to yours. Thanks for the patience.


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5 thoughts on “NetworkManager 1.0.12 brings a couple of fixes”

  1. Hello ; We have NM 1.2 on F24 .But window size is cannot resize + It’s too small and I can’t see all options or sub menus (my res: 1920×1020) so possible fix or idea ?

    Thank you

  2. Hello.
    I’m a Linux newbie and do not speak English well.
    I’m currently using Arch Linux.
    But..I did not find NetworkManager-fortisslvpn plugin from Arch Official Repositories and AUR.
    Can you register the NetworkManager-fortisslvpn plugin in the Arch Official Repositories or AUR?
    For me it was so hard to build the source.

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