GSoC weekly report 8

Another busy week for me. Here it is what I have been doing:

  • I have invested quite some time on studying the GtkText* internals.
  • Moved the sealed attributes of GtkTextView and GtkTextBuffer to a private struct. This is already in gtk+ master.
  • Added annotation for GtkAccelMap needed for a gedit plugin. Already in gtk+ master too.
  • Updated gedit to use the new GtkNotebook api. This means depending on gtk+ from git.
  • Managed to build the webkit-gtk monster. Finally I had to download the svn version, as always one version is released the next day doesn’t work due to an update in gtk+ or glib. I’ll use webkit to make a test case for the view abstraction.
  • I had to make the midterm evaluation.
  • I worked a bit in the view abstraction, I’m getting close to get something working.
  • After this I have been stuck due to a bug in Gtk+ that produces an infinite loop and I couldn’t continue working on the view abstraction. If you have this problem now there is a patch in bugzilla that fixes the problem.
  • Due to the gtk+ bug, I decided to have a look at the MonoDevelop code to see how they make the cool animations and after breaking my head, I managed to port part of the animation framework. What does this mean for gedit?
    • Being able to have some effects when searching.
    • Animated panels.
    • A search dialog like the one in chrome.
    • Probably other cool things.

Here it comes the mandatory screencast: Search animation

In relation to what I had to achieve this week:

  • Continue with the abstraction of the view. Partially done, as said due to the gtk+ bug.
  • Continue fixing problems in gedit. Done.
  • Port more python plugins. I made some fixes in gedit-plugins.

What am I going to do next week?

  • Try to get an html viewer and finally post some screenshots.
  • Continue fixing problems in gedit.
  • Continue with the animation framework and make more awesome.
  • Fix things here and there.

About the schedule, I think I’m ok with it, though, I may be a bit delayed. Hopefully next week I’ll have the view abstraction mostly ready.

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2 Responses to GSoC weekly report 8

  1. Stu says:

    Looks great, will be nice if gedit has some bling.

    The animation stuff sounds like it should be something that other programmes can work.

  2. K says:

    Great that my favourite text editor gets some love!

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