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NICE is hiring

As you may know I’ve been working already for a few months in NICE and It has been a great experience so far. Working in the product DCV (Desktop Cloud Visualization) which allows you to run OpenGL applications remotely using VNC with … Continue reading

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Problems with current GtkFileChooserDialog usability

Dear GTK devs I’ve been encountering some problems in the current behavior of the latest versions of GtkFileChooserDialog, so just in case It is me that I don’t understand the current behavior I’ll put them here: Right now when we … Continue reading

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Another important thing coming along in the gedit channel is the resurrection of the GObject bindings for libgit2. The good thing about this bindings is that as we added support for GObject introspection they come for free with support for … Continue reading

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gedit hackfest

I think after so long without posting anything it is time to put some of the cool stuff we were doing lately. One of the side effects of staying in Italy last month for a couple of weeks was that … Continue reading

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