gedit hackfest

I think after so long without posting anything it is time to put some of the cool stuff we were doing lately.

One of the side effects of staying in Italy last month for a couple of weeks was that I had the weekend without anything productive to do. So Paolo Borelli and I decided to make a mini gedit hackfest where to decide the next directions to take for your favorite Text Editor of the GNOME desktop. The cool thing about staying in Italy and not having anything to do was that we autoinvited ourselves to Lapo Calamadrei’s home to discuss about some gedit’s design problems, to fix some bugs and mainly to eat, drink and enjoy of the cool views from Tuscany 🙂 Thanks Lapo for the great hospitaly that you gave us 🙂

If anybody is interested we have also updated the roadmap that you can find here. The main taskes to be done are:

  • Port to GtkApplcation
  • Make use of the new GMenu
  • Use GResources (this will be great for the Windows port)
  • Finish the new sidepane (currently a work in process in the branch: wip/newpnael)

If anybody is interested on helping here will be much appreciated.

Apart from this, I also invested some time resurrecting the Win32 port of gedit. Thanks to Dieter I managed to get it working again but there are still a few problems in Gtk+ 3 in order to get an stable release. At least I would like to see the theming working on Windows XP correctly. For those interested, Dieter passed a really great startup tutorial for those who also would like to try out Gtk+ 3 in win32. I hope he will finish it and publish it soon with some great scripts to make our life easier.

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3 Responses to gedit hackfest

  1. Taryn Fox says:

    Um … I don’t suppose there’s any chance of something like this showing up in gedit? >.>

    I know it uses Ubuntu-specific technologies in that incarnation, but the idea looks awfully shiny and seems to go with the UI overhaul GNOME is getting.

    I’d personally be really glad to see it use the GNOME application menu and all, though, if that’s what you’re saying was added to the roadmap. >.>b Thanks for all your hard work, and I hope you have fun out there.

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  2. Ryan says:

    Gedit is still far too slow to be usable on low power devices.

    Even on my reasonably powerful netbook, it’s about 5 times slower than Scite and about 10 times slower than starting nano in a gnome-terminal (cold-starting the terminal).

    “strace gedit” makes baby jesus cry.

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