In Poland and some hacking

Hey folks, as a new experience in my life I’ll be in Poland doing the Erasmus the whole year, so if anybody from there wants to have a beer,聽coffee聽or something please let me know. I’ll be mainly in Bielsko-biala but probably I’ll visit quite frecuently Krakow.

In relation to the hack I’ve been doing this week before arriving to Poland, just tell that gtranslator is now ported to GSettings and that gedit has now the new search dialog in master. So please test it and report bugs 馃檪

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16 Responses to In Poland and some hacking

  1. Piotrek says:

    You’ve learned some words in Polish? (:

  2. Juanjo Marin says:

    Que bien te lo montas Nacho, seguro que te lo vas a pasar de esc谩ndalo 馃檪

  3. DeeJay1 says:

    Welcome to Poland!
    It’s a bit sad, that I’m on the other end of the country but if you happen to visit Poznan, you’re in for some free beer 馃槈

  4. Piotr Dr膮g says:

    I hope you will like it there! Don’t forget to blog about your impressions and experiences. 馃檪

  5. Hey.

    I’m in Warsaw, if you ever need some help here feel free to call or mail me (see link to homepage for details).

    I wonder what you think about Poland. Do you like it here?

    • nacho says:

      Cool, if I visit Warsaw I’ll poke you to have a beer or something. Well for now I’ve been just 2 days in krakow and for the moment is quite amazing. So yes I like it 馃檪

  6. Euro Zone fan says:

    Krak贸w is so much better, you should go there often 馃槈
    Btw. Erasmus students in Poland do not have to learn a lot, so uou will have a lot of time for happy open source hacking… or drinking 馃槈

  7. Aloriel says:

    Dude! Congrats! Krakow is amazing!!!

    Let’s see if I can find a job in Prague and we could hang around together some day.

  8. Javier Jard贸n says:


  9. KDE fan says:

    beer = piwo 馃槈

  10. Piotrek says:

    @nacho – Piwo is correct. 馃檪

  11. Aloriel says:

    Forget the piwa, ask for their great 呕ubr贸wka and Pan Tadeusz, never to be mixed.

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