In the Python hackfest 2011

Hey everybody, I wanted to say in this post that this week I will be in Prague working on trying to get gedit ported to python introspection. So far we are having quite some progress on fixing the problems that I am finding making this work, so hopefully we will have our well known beloved gedit 😉 ready for GNOME 3.0.
Even if the travel until here was quite long, I am having good moments with my mates. It is quite amazing that I finally get to know people like Steve, as we were working together for years but we did not meet in person until now.
I would like to thank the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my travel and the hotel and I would like to thank also Collabora for all the beers that we are having. Because as you should know, nothing like a couple of beers in the night after a hard work day to get relaxed and be ready for the next hacking day 🙂
I also would like to encourage people to come to some hackfest as it is really good experience.

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  1. Stu says:

    Would be cool if afterwards you could write up your experiences for those of use thinking of porting other apps.

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