[announce] gedit-latex 3.3.1 released

Just a quick announce that I just released a new version of gedit-latex. This new version has got a lot of clean up and it is now using the snippet plugins to insert the latex templates, this will improve the usability. You can also check the NEWS file.

PS: like usually already packaged for fedora 😉

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  1. coxackie says:


    thanks a lot for the great work. I am using the new version of gedit-latex (3.3.1) in Ubuntu 11.10, and have noticed the following: whenever I want to use a “\ref” command, I get as usually a list of potential references. Then, in principle one can scroll down, chose the needed reference, and then press ENTER for the specific reference to be entered in the text. At least, this is what was happening previously. Now, whenever I press ENTER at a selected reference what happens is that the cursor changes line in the text and the reference is not inserted. Could you please check whether this is a bug and try to sort it out?

    Many thanks in advance…

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