Style Scheme Chooser for GtkSourceView

chooserAs you may know already Christian is running a fundraiser for GNOME Builder, if you have not contributed yet you should!. One of the cool things he prototyped for Builder was a style scheme chooser allowing to easily visualize the style scheme you have available. Last week I decided to take his prototype and put it upstream in GtkSourceView. As a prove the screenshot is showing this new widget used in gedit. I hope you will enjoy and probably it will get into more applications soon.

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3 Responses to Style Scheme Chooser for GtkSourceView

  1. Stu says:

    This looks like it could work in the terminal emulator too.

  2. Mattias says:

    It is great to see this kind of collaboration and re-use, keep it up!
    And on my personal wishlist, I really hope to see the vim-engine from Builder reused in gedit too…. that would be so nice.

  3. Tom says:

    i can already choose color schemes in gedit. i think i got this with installing the gedit/gmate package:

    greets, tom

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