GStreamer:: The past few days, I’ve bene hacking on GStreamer Recorder more and more. It’s getting close to being in a releasable state. Yes, surely, I can record movies, what else is it useful for? ;). There’s small issues remaining that I want to fix before releasing a first version:

  • raw video/audio recording doesn’t work properly yet. Yes, the recording works, but ending the recording doesn’t (EOS events aren’t being propagated correctly).
  • Our AVI muxer can only record one movie. The pads aren’t disposed properly afterwards, which causes bad things if you re-use them to record a second movie. Bad.
  • Matroska and ASF probably have the same issue. Didn’t try to record a second movie with them yet. I guess I’m too scared for the havoc this will start. ;).

    Necessary screenshot will follow when I’ve actually fixed these last issues.

    Life: I finally got to see the third episode of Lord of the Rings yesterday night. Nice movie! D. and R., I hope you made it home safely (eek! I’m not taking care well, am I?).

    Work: so, we finally got around to updating all media servers. We’re running an internally rewritten version of opensource software (which we’re giving back to community). Some nice extra features in the software allow us to show on the webpage what’s currently being recorded. Nifty! :).

    Study: last day at my internship. After this, I can start preparing for New York (second part of my graduation process). Yay!

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