d-d-l signal/noise ratio:
Michael, there is nothing wrong with closing d-d-l. d-d-l is used as a one-for-all list because it has that image: it is an open list, everyone posts to it and on random subjects. I can see that in the archives! Tadah, a list for all my random mess has been born. The solution is simple: close it, and post good guidelines for new subscribers.

I’m not subscribed to several interesting lists because of that, and would hate to add d-d-l to that list-of-lists for this reason.

A GNOME developer that wants to join GNOME development and related discussions should have the motivation to do the basic effort of subscribing. If he doesn’t, then he’s doomed to not be a good GNOME developer.

On the other side, I like it when Jeff pulls on his dictatorship hat and screams end-of-thread. I’ll miss that. Ohwell, I’ll have to cope with that.

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