Goodbye parties:
So close, yet imperfect. Today, after more than half a year of full-featured
life in New York City, I’m flying back to the Netherlands. Yesterday, we (me
and some of my friends that I’ve gotten to know here) organized a goodbye
party for me. Nobody would know the names, so I’ll spare you the details. I’d
just like to mention how wonderful a feeling it is if you’ve got around twenty
people around you, each of which you have something special with, memories,
feelings and promises. I’ve enjoyed the party to its extreme, don’t want to
know all the things that I actually did later in the evening. But it was fun.
This party was – in all aspects – a typical example of my life here. Thanks
to them.

And now… I miss them. Manhattan, hope to see you soon next year. I miss you.

I’ll cry, for once.

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