GNOME Volume Control (update):
So, I did some actual work. I decided to just try and implement two UIs and see which one I (and/or others) like better in practice. So the current one is my own interface proposal that I did earlier, and in the future I’ll also do a sample user interface for Eugenia’s UI proposal. Shouldn’t be hard, because I rewrote the whole thing to use nice objects, so changing small parts should be relatively easy. Anyway, graphics speak.

Current remaining issues:
– if I hide tracks, the padding between the previous/next track will add up, as you can see between headphone and PCM. Is this a GtkTable bug? Or is it outside scope and should I find some other way to work around it?
– I guess “Rec.” and “Mute” should become buttons with images, similar to the chainbutton. For “mute”, I was thinking of a “speaker”-like icon and for “rec.”, a “microphone”-like icon. When disabled, it would show with a red cross on top of it.
– By default, it now shows all tracks. I might want to make a list of “standard” tracks (think “master”, “pcm”, “line-in”, “microphone”) that are shown by default (when the user first starts this up) and others would be hidden by default and can be enabled in edit->preferences. Good for new users.
– I’m still pondering about what to do with the “Alsa” in the title bar (should probably be hidden). I left it in for now because it’s not final anyway. [/lazy]

Then, let’s start on Eugenia’s UI. :).

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