At work:
Playing around with a video backend that will make people love Totem even more. (Oh, that handsome over there is Thomas, not me. ;-).) I’ll port Totem over to it later this week. Tested various problematic (with previous Totem) media files later on and noticed that we’re actually getting somewhere. Should ask Johan to explain me the media testsuite tomorrow so I can close bug reports again.

Oh, and released GNOME media 2.8.0. Gnome-CD no longer crashes.

Alan, booting a ISO is simple:
chainloader hd(0,0)/image.iso
…in GRUB is enough. However, for an installation, you need three, and that might be trickier, because when CD#1 is finished, you might not have a loopback module available to mount CD#2. It’s easier to start a network install from CD#1.

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