Crap, I’ve spend all day on AVI A/V sync issues that I didn’t get to commit the Totem patches. Anyway…
* Most AVI A/V sync issues fixed (some crude hacks in the AVI demuxer such as non-lineair chunk processing and subchunk processing if needed). Not yet committed.
* Several people have reported random issues that are unreproduceable for me. I just cannot understand. When you code tree *and* config is the same, how can behaviour be random?
* Will do Totem when all that’s taken care of.

So I went over to Barcelona for some head-to-head talks this weekend, and there was some huge party going on with all sort of parties at random places in the city, including a huge concert at Place de Catalunya. We had a lot of fun, even though I can’t recall the name of the band that we saw playing.

My head did hurt Sunday evening…

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