GStreamer & Totem:
Fixed a few “hangs” (actually those aren’t hangs; they’re rather just operations that take many minutes) in the AVI demuxer and worked on the Realmedia demuxer together with Stephane. Actually succeeded in playing back a certain realmedia clip on the commandline, but it didn’t work in Totem quite yet. We’re making small steps in the right direction, though.

Went off to a fair in Leiden with two friends. There was a rollercoaster, a vertical shot (where you sit in a giant sphere attached to elastic wires and are launched into the air) and some other cool attractions that we enjoyed. Had a really good time there.

So there it came today. As I was watching an episode of Sex and the City (yes, I really love that now that I’ve lived in Manhattan), I suddenly noticed how much this episode touched upon things that I did there. Auch. Had to make some “home”sick phonecalls to friends from New York after that. I miss Manhattan.

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