(S)VCD support in Totem
Got a SVCD. Fixed SVCD support in both Totem and GStreamer, including querying, seeking, resyncing and so on. Send me more! :). I’m currently working on updating the application development manual of GStreamer, the current one stems from the 0.4 era or so. A first update should be available soon, when the FDO website is up again.

Related, I’ll probably rewrite the ASF demuxing element. I recently noticed that the current one cannot even handle a simple sequence of PLAY-PAUSE-PLAY. Related, it does not resync on a broken stream, although ASF is perfectly suited for that. I’ll probably take a long weekend off to do this sometime soon.

And two weeks later…
… politicians suddenly wake up. Oh my, v. Gogh is dead! Max van der Stoel, minister of state in the Netherlands, has commented on the issue by saying that we need to build upon having better relations and contact with immigrants.

When I left for the USA, I had to do all this myself. I had to find people to get in contact with, I had to make new friends, and for all that, I had to speak the language and interact with the inhabitants. It’s a natural process for newcomers to adapt, not the other way around – it just tells me there’s too many of them already and we’ve screwed up for too long already. Get real, dude, is this what you get paid for?

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