Surround Sound a la Dolby
Ehw, patents! So I won’t call it Dolby. But it really is. Well, almost. I implemented a channel mix-matrix in GStreamer today, which makes 5.1 DVDs play fine on a 2.0 soundcard (which, in my case, is connected to a 4.0 receiver/speakerset). Joy and fun! Thanks to those people that emailed me with hints and sample code for channel up- and downmixing.

GNOME-nl revisited
So I blogged about it once and the whole IRC channel (yes! we have one) was flooded by new visitors today. I guess people actually read Planet GNOME. :). OK, so I’ll try to take the hints from Rodrigo in my mind. We have an IRC channel on GIMPnet (irc://, we have a website ( and a mailinglist ( For all those dutch GNOME users and developers that would like to do something for GNOME in your own country: please join us! We’ll be happy to welcome you aboard.

And it’s fair to mention that it wasn’t my idea. GNOME-nl basically evolved from the dutch GNOME translation project. Credit goes to them. GNOME-nl, however, is no longer only about translations – we’re trying (like GNOME-es) to be more like a community thing.

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