One less reason why GStreamer sucks!
Uh uh, you can’t say it anymore. Think of something better, dude! As of know, my local tree supports MMS, thanks to the wonderful work of Maciej. It’ll soon be checked into CVS, and it’ll be available in the next GStreamer-plugins release. Which is wonderful, because it means we have a whole bunch of features that just are dying to be released and tested, such as:

  • another many alsa fixes and speedups
  • svcd/vcd/dvd support (for totem)
  • surround sound support
  • mms support

It’s kinda nice to see all our core devs (Dave, Benjamin, Wim) be busy with their 0.9 ideas while I have all CVS for myself alone to break and fix. Both Benjamin and Wim have a 0.9 branch (Wim in FDO CVS, Benjamin on Arch in his FDO homedir), I should soon check both out and grab the good bits.

Oh, let’s not forget the necessary screenshot from this mms webstream.

Hm indeed! Happy to see the KDE people be happy with the app that I wrote, I hope to see parts back in other – more userfriendly – players such as kmplayer or kaffeine. In the end, let’s hope KDE gets players with similar feature sets as Totem (ideally with GStreamer as a backend actively supported everywhere in the desktop environment).

I promise, I’m still a GNOME maintainer. ;).

Fabrice, from fame, came up with the great idea to organize a gettogether with several people interested in cross-desktop collaboration (think KDE, GNOME, other desktop environments). He wanted to specifically target multimedia, since that’s pretty much of a hot topic lately in both KDE and GNOME. We hope to organize it somewhere early in 2005 either in the Netherlands or just over the border in Germany. All interested people (you’re not required to be a devillish media-hacker, don’t worry! Interest is good enough!) are hereby invited. We hope that some German, Belgian and Dutch people will show up. I’ll try to be there, and let’s hope Scott and Mark (from KDE-mm) will be there too.

Related, someone posted pictures from the Novell conference, where we had a nice gettogether and got social with the KDE-nl people. Here, you see me pillowfighting with one of ’em. ;). He survived, I swear.

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