I did some work on my video capture tool Cupid yesterday and today. I fixed some stability issues, crashers, added some sanity checks and I added a bunch of new features, amongst which:

  • snapshot support (and since it has webcam support, this makes it a good webcam tool as well)
  • overlay emulation (which means that if your card does not support hardware overlay, we will set up a background GStreamer pipeline to display video instead; again useful for webcams)
  • minimal mode and fullscreen support, which make it useful to watch TV

There’s some more needed, such as channel/tuning and remote control support, but all in all I think I’ve finally got my replacement for STV, which I wrote years ago. We’re not tvtime yet, but adding a deinterlacer or text-overlay is nothing more than a GStreamer element, so I have good faith in it.

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