Doing stuff
As days move by, you slowly see cool new things happening.

  • Fluendo now has a couch in their office. I just have to try that out sometime soon.
  • I got AMR (the sound format of .3gp movies, which are produced by mobile phones with a cam) to work – audio-only needs a small bit of more work before it’s functional. See bugs #140141, #143555 and #155163.
  • Some ffmpeg/mplayer dudes are working on a WMV9 decoder (currently a simple bitstream parser). They’re about as far as I got, and they’re having the same issues I had. Nice to see I’m not just stupid. ;).
  • Divx Labs figured it’d be cool to write a new media format. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for me, it’s just AVI with some non-standard chunks for subtitles.
  • At newyear, a friend and me promised we’d do sports each week. It’s been freezing outside ever since, but we still try to keep to our sayings. No wonder most people give up within a month… I’ll need to get us tennis cards for the indoor courts before next week. :).
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