Bugs, bugs, bugs…
So as Christian already said, I got a bit pissed off today when looking at bugzilla. I’d cleaned it up a few weeks ago, taking most dups out, applying most if not all pending patches, asking appropriate questions to the unclear ones, etc. We got down from almost 350 to 180 by doing that. And we were, within a week, already back to over 200.

Cleaned up again today, back to 175 (incl. enhancements, excl. needinfo), and – as Christian said – out of GNOME’s hall of shame. Yay. I guess hall of shame isn’t really a good word, it just implies your software is used a lot. Unused software gets no bug reports, no matter how buggy it is. So I guess we should be happy with the amount of bug reports we get. Good job, people. Keep them coming. We still have many bugs and I hope to get to an acceptable level of workability (which is not the same as ‘well, that may crash and this may be broken, but playing this specific Ogg works!’) when GNOME 2.10 comes out.

However, I won’t be triaging for a while, at least I hope so. I’m off to Manhattan thursday morning for my in-take talks at Cornell medical gradschool (plus the usual get-to-know-the-city night-stuff), and am flying onwards to Barcelona (GStreamer team 0.9 summit) and Brussels (FOSDEM) right after. I’ll post some pictures if I can.

Gotta love it. I definately do. :-).

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