So this weekend, we had FOSDEM. There were some nice talks from various people, there was no working wireless network and I managed to have good chats with various great people. Same as always, great stuff. I met up with the dutch GNOME people and had some pleasant night-talks in the bars with them (long live gnome-nl!). I also caught a cold, which made the whole somewhat painful, because I’ve been caughing and sneezing all weekend (and still am). Fortuntely, I wasn’t the only sneezing person in there (or, well, fortunately? …).

Special were the talks I had with Oyvind (GIMP/GGGL/Oxide), Charles (MLT/Kino) and Edward (Pitivi) on how to do more advanced stuff with our respective video solutions w.r.t. video editing (plus lots of cool demos) plus the obligatory amounts of lunch and beer. It’s good to have talks with people that know their stuff. It gave me some pretty good ideas on things I can try to do in the future, and some starting points for basic interoperation. More on this is yet to come. Here’s some cool stuff: Oyvind can do pretty wacky advanced motion vector and interactivity stuff in his framework that we cannot do yet. Oyvind has some really wacky examples (like live pong using a webcam), people really should look at those. Charles has some very well-working video editing things that are being used in the industry. It’s very well-thought-out ideas that we can adapt and use ourselves, too. Long live free software!

GStreamer releases
We’re currently preparing for a new gst-plugins release, which should be out within a few days.

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