Desktop finetuning

So while others are discussing on whether or not to ship Gtk+ 2.8 in GNOME 2.12, I’ve taken another approach to being (or trying to be) useful. All sort of small finetuning to Totem, integrating the volume control keybindings with the applet and applying patches from others (mostly to GStreamer). All in all, this should be rather easy, but it’s taken me several days to get all bugzilla work sorted out to a reasonable state again.

The title “coolest hack of the day” goes to Jordan Saunders, who wrote a patch to control multiple tracks at the same time using the volume control applet. So while some may claim that this is silly, it really is not. Some cards, nowadays, lack a pure master controller; thus, they need to control several outputs to have the wanted effect, e.g. speakers + headphones. Some people (e.g. on fedora-devel) have suggested that GStreamer should emulate a master track for such cards, but I’m not quite sure how to do this yet. I may end up doing this at some point. Until then, this patch is extremely useful. An additional patch adds this behaviour to the keybindings, too. Now this is integration.

With all this movement going on, I haven’t been able to integrate the DVD subtitle support in playbin yet, I hope to do that this weekend or sometime soon after.

Some people from GNOME-NL complained about my current Planet GNOME hackergotchi sucking, because my eyes are closed. So they made a new one:

Feel free to put this as my new gotchi on Planet GNOME and Planet GNOME-NL!

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