New home

I’ve moved to New York City this week; I’m now living on Cornell medschool campus. Next week, university introduction starts, including a Mets – Philies game and a cafe Wha? visit. And lots of academically relevant stuff, of course *ahem*. I’m looking forward to it. My class looks like a nice bunch of people so far, we get along well.

My bedroom

The past few days were spent buying stuff. A phone, a pillow (auch, no, you cannot sleep without – and it didn’t fit my suitcase), opening a bank account, and lots of mostly similar stuff. I’m pretty much set for the start of the semester now.

Central Park

Coding away

I’ll probably do no coding for a while. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, I’d like to spent all attention on my studies; parts will be hard, and I’d better get good grades. Secondly, I think I need a change of focus. Not only from coding to studying, but also from my many-years GStreamer effort into something else. GStreamer has progressed hugely in the past few years, we can encode in tons of formats, playback pretty much anything, and the latest releases have been very stable. I’ve done what I could to make it all “just work”, and have had very positive feedback on those efforts. I think my goal has been reached.

Lots of applications around still require work, though. I think the GNOME platform is ready for some really kick-ass applications that make it shine. I’d like to see how I can help to make that happen. How about iPod export in Rhythmbox (or Totem)? Media embedding in (Impress) is still high on my list. There’s probably more. Once I have more free time, I’d like to work on those things.

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