New release of gst-ffmpeg

Yesterday, I released version 0.8.7 of gst-ffmpeg (GStreamer plugin based on ffmpeg, which provides support for encoding/decoding most popular codecs and container formats, such as MPEG-4 and h.264/AVC), and which now includes a free software decoder implementation for the QDesign Music 2 format, a format that is used by a lot of (Quicktime) trailers that you will find on
It’s interesting to see how fast ffmpeg is progressing, the momentum in that project is simply amazing. I hope they will soon be able to complete their WMV9/VC1 decoder, which would probably lead to a new gst-ffmpeg release, also. Apart from that, I’m not planning on doing too much more work (though there’s one bug that tickles me…) on or releases for gst-ffmpeg (in the 0.8.x series).

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