Old bugs stay around for long

I was recently notified of this bug, which apparently means that DVD playback on Fedora Core 4 (or any other version of Fedora Core) does not work at all (crashes inside our ALSA plug-in). This has been around for several months, and must be happening for tons of people using livna or freshrpms add-on packages!

In the end, it’s not a bug, it’s caused by the fact that Fedora Core 4 ships almost-a-year-old packages (0.8.8 was released on March 7th, ’05). Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy; ships 0.8.11) and SuSE Linux 10 (shipping 0.8.11) appear to be way more up-to-date. Previous attempts at pushing patches didn’t really work out. Bad score for FC here. (Relevant patch is available in the mailinglist thread linked above.)

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