Macbook Pro sound hardware

A few weeks ago, I wrote that sound didn’t work on the new Macbook Pro. A helpful reader sent me in the remarkably simple solution: just show and unmute the “surround” channel in gnome-volume-control (and then file a bug). I also made the gnome-volume-applet use both the surround and the headphone channel, so that it works both with headphones and with speakers. This way, the device works flawlessly (I didn’t test microphone or line-in yet, but that most likely works just fine, also). I’m suspecting the surround channel should be renamed (to speakers) for this specific card type using the hda-intel chipset, and that the other surround-channels and surround-related channels (e.g. to make line-in and mic outputs and have them be used for LFE and for surround sound) should be disabled.

With Ryan Lortie‘s mention on how to setup the remote control to work using appleIR, this means all hardware and features of the device appear to work reasonably well under Linux (including wireless, suspend/resume and such).

Now back to real programming!

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7 Responses to Macbook Pro sound hardware

  1. pabs says:

    Is there an ETA for the patch(es) to get into the version of Linux?

  2. Arne says:

    I think the trackpad is still not very well supported. Ever too often I am tempted to boot into OSX just because of the two-finger scrolling which makes web surfing so much easier 😉

    Also what have you done to get sleep working? On my MacBook ( non-Pro ), i tried with the latest 2.6.17 kernel since it was supposed to contain all required patches but the screen still remains black on resume 🙁

  3. That’s great that you filled a bug which I struck with while running Live CD on lot of laptops (PC ones, with Intel chipsets). Wanted to do that when would got some free time, but you guys already did it. Maybe will add more comments later.

    Intel-hda driver simply needs more careful and inteligent default mixer settings, that’s all.

  4. Arne says:

    Oh, and also the Sudden Motion Sensor is not supported 🙁

  5. Jo Vermeulen says:

    I’m glad that my solution worked for you as well. Thanks for filing the bug report by the way! I came across a bug report in Launchpad, but it was probably best to submit it to the ALSA guys instead.

  6. pabs:
    “Is there an ETA for the patch(es) to get into the version of Linux?”

    Not yet. I want to get initialization (of the webcam, that is) to work properly before I submit. I’ll also have to do some testing in other apps to make sure all ioctls behave properly. Sometimes, not all apps trigger bugs, and thus some apps may work while others don’t.

  7. Arne: “Also what have you done to get sleep working?”

    Nothing special. Just Ubuntu with updates, told gnome-power-manager to suspend on close-lid (system -> preferences -> power management), and it just works now. Ryan Lortie also has some notes on this, those patches may not be in mainstream kernel yet (see my link above).

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