Superbowl post-scriptum


please fix your website, it lacks a “watch live now” button, or if it’s there I couldn’t find it even though I looked for well over 15 minutes into the match. I would’ve happily paid $5 for the match or really whatever you would’ve wanted me to pay, but I was forced into illegal crapstreams captured from Russian analog TV (or whatever) and streamed back to my friend’s NY appartment. Why do you not want my $5? Are they not sufficiently American? Are they inflating? Are they fake? My bank account and credit card think they’re real, please check them if you wish.

Please take my $5 and provide me with high-quality internet-based solutions on your websites. For this particular case, I will even accept the occasional ad in between. And please make sure it’s the top hit on Google when searching for “live nfl” and related terms – not only in search terms, but also in the ads section. Instead of that crappy Russian thing that I ran into. Also make sure payment is easy, just “credit card number”, “name” etc., verify & deduct $5 just once, and presto. Unlike these other Russian crapsites that try to sell me 3-year subscriptions for satellite-tv. Don’t try to take the Russians down. Just offer something better. It is not very difficult.

Please fix this for next year’s finals. Thank you.

Dear Russian crapchannel,

thank you for not sucking as much as NBC, ESPN and NFL.

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  1. Perhaps they don’t think that $5 is a reasonable amount to charge to watch the game?

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