Its release day !

Whew, its been a rocky road trying to wrap things up in
time for gnome-2-18, but with one
string freeze break
and one remaining
is pretty much ready for the show

Incase you wonder what we’ve been doing in 3.1 ;-) well aside from
ironing out bugs in the framework as usual, we’ve been working on
the first version of the embedded workspace/one-window UI, which is
crash free except for the one I mentioned above, lets hope to see it
dissapear by 2.18.1… Juan has also been working on this bindings
framework – which is really a work in progress but proves that we
can easily load objects written in python and edit/serialize their
properties, C++ otoh proves to be a challenge…

Interestingly, I’m going to miss out on all the initial feedback
(complaints or otherwise ;-)) from the release… because I’ll be
chillaxing with the palm trees in florida for 5 days ! where
I’ll be attending one of the worlds biggest
breakdance competitions; so have fun untill then, I’ll be back
on the 19th ;-D

2 thoughts on “Its release day !”

  1. Hm, they say never trust any stats you didn’t forge yourself, but where does that “one remaining crasher” come from? Me, I count >16.

    Feels like you’re cheating. In public. ;-)

  2. Jens, sorry if I sounded like I’m cheating in public –
    this is what you get for blogging :D

    So no, I do not care about the 15 bugs filed about
    the crash in anjuta when closing a project because
    of a compilation error or version mismatch of glade/
    anjuta, that is not a crasher to me sorry.

    There is an apperent crasher when creating a GnomeApp,
    I could have looked at that before posting my blog
    but hey, its just a blog not my release mail (I do
    try to make a point to be consice in the release notes).

    Anyway, I forgot about the GnomeApp crasher since I
    never reproduced it and never heard of it since, and
    in all sincerity – as I type this right now, there is only
    one crasher that worries me – thats the one that everyone
    who uses filechoosers will be reproducing.

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