Some popular features …

… that I finally managed to add to glade trunk today

So I finally applied a refit version of Yevgen Muntyan’s patch

One common source of frustration about glade 3 has been that, sure you can add your own widgets to the runtime but, you gotta write that catalog, install a support module, or struggle with your setup so that we can load the type from the widget library, but you dont want to write a widget library just for that one widget you got in your app so, here’s the solution:

you make a catalog that looks like this one note the “parent” element from the “glade-widget-class” definition, it choses which widget class your “fake” widget class will derive from.

then, since we now have user defined search paths for catalogs and modules; you put it wherever you want (it has to keep the .xml extention though), lets say ~/mycatalogs

then you fire up glade like so:

GLADE_CATALOG_PATH=~/mycatalogs glade-3

And voila ! you got your widget in the glade runtime.

Happy Glading !

Long time no blog

Hey hey, long time no blog, my hacker alter-ego takes the back seat as much as possible but sometimes I have to pop out of the woodworks and say BOO !

As you all know from Johan’s recent post the infamous builder is on the rise, this means people will be desiring UI designers to produce UI description files that can be interpreted by the builder.

I dont expect to have any support for GtkBuilder files available for Glade 3.4 but that’s yet to be seen, we’re still a good month ahead of string freeze. We’ve scheduled a meeting on monday to discuss where all that is going – as usual we’ve got lots of blockers and only a few hands on deck (hint ;-D)

So on that note, I wish you all plenty of sunshine, tequila, hot babes on the beach & booming beats to dance to… if you’re not all that lucky, you can always put on your hacker alter-ego and hack away on gnome !