Some popular features …

… that I finally managed to add to glade trunk today

So I finally applied a refit version of Yevgen Muntyan’s patch

One common source of frustration about glade 3 has been that, sure you can add your own widgets to the runtime but, you gotta write that catalog, install a support module, or struggle with your setup so that we can load the type from the widget library, but you dont want to write a widget library just for that one widget you got in your app so, here’s the solution:

you make a catalog that looks like this one note the “parent” element from the “glade-widget-class” definition, it choses which widget class your “fake” widget class will derive from.

then, since we now have user defined search paths for catalogs and modules; you put it wherever you want (it has to keep the .xml extention though), lets say ~/mycatalogs

then you fire up glade like so:

GLADE_CATALOG_PATH=~/mycatalogs glade-3

And voila ! you got your widget in the glade runtime.

Happy Glading !

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