Well, incase you’ve been wondering what the hell happened to me, I am alive and well – finally I am unemployed – hoping I wont have to use the software hobby alter-ego as a crutch again anytime soon… man I am free can you believe it ?

So, with this newfound freedom I decided to aimlessly tread the earth, I am now in the beautiful huge crazy city of Sao Paolo in Brazil, comming from montreal canada thats quite a long shot (10 hrs one the plane !), the weather is a little dreary at the moment but promises well, the people are very hospitable and the women beautiful and abundant, oh and this great hostel that I highly recommend is sporting an Ubuntu system for its guests, wow !

Glade is due for a tarball soon, I guess I’ll roll one as soon there are a couple more fixes, I guess it goes without saying that I wont be actively hacking for at least a couple of months, but thanks to hostels in south america running solid ubuntu systems I’m still reachable in the virtual tube of your desktop.

who knows maybe I’ll even run into some gnomers down here 😉

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