Your Cyborg

I’ve been remiss about posting this, but I was interviewed by Canadian Broadcast about medical devices recently. Here is the podcast of the show, which interviews a few people about this (they don’t get to this segment until quite a bit into the file). While they wound up not publishing my discussion specifically of GNOME, the website does link back to this blog. I was happy to hear the discussion framed as one about freedom, and was interested to hear what the other speakers had to say.

One thought on “Your Cyborg

  1. Glad to hear your message is getting to Canadian audiences! I’m Canadian, and I hope these issues get more exposure, so that they don’t become as big as I imagine they are in the US. I routinely donate to the eff, although I wish there was an active Canadian version too.

    Strangely, I’m a Free Software hacker and physiologist, and I see huge amounts of proprietary software in medecine. I remember watching a talk of yours about your heart. It was interesting! What would Stallman do ?

    Good luck hacking the software in your heart.

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