Help GNOME reach its accessibility fundraising goal!

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We’re closing in on our goal of $20,000 for our accessibility campaign. If you haven’t already, take a look at the testimonial by Diego Sánchez that we’ve been lucky to include. As Diego says, GNOME 3 has really helped him: “I’m happy because I can now use the computer in my classroom without any assistance.” Our accessibility team‘s work has made a big difference in many people’s lives, but we still have a long way to go. Help us make our goal and donate now via our Friends of GNOME program!

If you haven’t given the our accessibility campaign already, I encourage you to do so! I am so inspired by the work that Alejandro Piñeiro, Joanmarie Diggs, Juan José Marin and the rest of the team do. Thanks again to Robert Cole and Diego Sánchez for allowing us to highlight how much GNOME and GNU/Linux has meant to them.

Make 2012 the Year of Accessibility for GNOME!

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I’m incredibly excited – today we launched a fundraising campaign for accessibility work on GNOME. Accessibility is so important, and it’s exactly the kind of software that must be free and open. It’s also the kind of group effort that is well suited for nonprofit free software development – truly making software for the public good. Check out the information about the campaign and especially read Robert Cole’s story.

I’ve been so moved by the dedication of the a11y team. I hope we raise a lot of money so they can tackle all of their goals to improve GNOME’s accessibility. Please donate to the campaign now and tell your friends! I can think of no better way to get into the holiday spirit!