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Fri 30 Apr 2004

life: …and now, Zana I have been married for four years. It has been a wonderful time, and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. To celebrate, we went out for sushi followed by a trip to the bookstore for coffee and cheesecake. We enjoyed just sitting there, chatting and flipping through some books. music […]

Thu 04 Mar 2004

Music: With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II Ol’ file chooser That ol’ file chooser. He don’t show nothin’ But he must save somethin’ Cause we just keeps codin’ We keeps codin’ along. Codin’ along. He don’t make new dirs He don’t drag bookmarks. Files thats big is soon forgotten. But that ol’ file chooser We […]

Mon 23 Jun 2003

strangeness: As I have no access to my changelog, I’ve hijacked Nathan’s. He won’t mind… will he? drinks: Nathan has gotten quite fond of Diet 7-Up here in Ireland. A bit odd, that. Of course, I still haven’t had any Lucozade yet. I really should. music: The BeeGee’s!!! Woohoo! Interesting show. I still laugh thinking […]

Sun 07 Jul 2002

sick: I’m a bit better, and will try to go to work tomorrow. music: Zana and I got a fantastic new set of speakers a couple weeks ago. Sibelius Symphony no. 3 (performed by the London Symphony Orchestra) was on the radio tonight. It was wonderful to sit back and code to it. bookworm: I […]

Mon 19 Nov 2001

Website: Decided to play webmaster tonight and worked on my site a bit. Not quite ready yet to make it live. But I will put it up soon. Music: Got “In The Beginning…” by Genesis recently. It’s all their early stuff. I hadn’t listened to it much since my roommate in college had it. It’s […]

Wed 19 Sep 2001

airport: Surprisingly minimal security at the gate. Still, it’s better than what existed before. I’m a still little miffed though, as zana and I were told on the phone to be at the gate three hours prior to departure. It took 10 minutes to get everything set. Zana has an hour more to wait than […]

Mon 30 Jul 2001

Blizzard: Came to visit for a week. It was fun to have him around. The dog especially enjoyed his company. After he left, I spent the afternoon and evening cleaning up. I even ironed a bunch of shirts. Music: I broke down and bought a Moby album yesterday. Hacking: I’ve been working on Nautilus the […]

Sat 30 Jun 2001

meta: Apparently getting a Wavelan card has totally shot my ChangeLog habit. I find that it never occurs to me to update it when I’m not at my old computer. With a little effort I can hopefully start it up again. I wonder if cross posting this on Advogato would make me try to keep […]

Tue 06 Mar 2001

hacking: Spent the evening unfruitfully trying to figure out how metafont works. Will try again tomorrow. music: Hacked through Moonlight Sonata. My old piano teacher would not be proud of me…

Wed 21 Feb 2001

hacking: Played with AisleRiot2 some more tonight. Zana’s been whipping out the games, so I feel like I should be working on the backend some. I gratuitously made GDeckSlot a widget, so that I could reuse the keyboard handling code in GTK+. I may revisit this decision in the future, but it works for now. […]