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The road to Foresight 1.0

We have started really working toward the 1.0 release scheduled for September 6th. Pretty exciting times, I must say. So what does the road look like? Couple big things, GNOME 2.16, Xorg 7, Conary 1.1, and a more structured release … Continue reading

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Am I the last person on earth to sign up on Linkedin? I guess I finally crawled out from under the rock, I am getting connected My profile, don’t be shy.

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MD5SUMs for 0.9.5.rc2

By popular demand: dc9d2f3ef4feb1218b3db166b73f264b boot.iso c4110025f68316714ba47de2af68e92f diskboot.img 967cf6c4d8f0fd3275567532d6e6dc18 foresight-0.9.5.rc2-x86-disc1.iso e069cc38e7a36a4f0d95291567fd996e foresight-0.9.5.rc2-x86-disc2.iso 1aee233f4fc61b663ac634a6aa93c9a3 foresight-0.9.5.rc2-x86-dvd1.iso

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Foresight posted on VMTN

I have posted Foresight on VMTN (VMWare Technology Network), go check it out… and please vote .

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Want Foresight CDs?

So I hear these folks at The Linux Store is offering up free CDs. Go an request a Foresight CD, it looks like they will ship it to you. Maybe if enough folks request them we will actually get listed … Continue reading

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Foresight 0.9.5.rc2 (2nd Release Candiate) available

Come and get it! What’s new you ask? Kernel has been updated to, Xorg to 6.9 and we have added rMake 0.5. Added Sun’s JRE Updated: abiword=2.4.5-0.1-1 beagle=0.2.7-2-1 cairo=1.2.0-1-1 conary=1.0.23-1-0.1 dbus=0.62-0.1-1 epdb=0.9.1-1-0.1 evince=0.5.4-0.1-1 flashplayer=7.0r63-1-1 gimp=2.3.10-0.0.6-1 glib=2.12.0-0.1-1 gnome-sudoku=0.5.0-1-1 gnome-system-monitor=2.14.4-0.1-1 … Continue reading

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New rPath World Headquarters

We have moved into a new office, it is nice… and spacious. Thanks to all that made the move easy for me Never mind the arrow, we are not sitting on the lawn

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