The road to Foresight 1.0

We have started really working toward the 1.0 release scheduled for September 6th. Pretty exciting times, I must say. So what does the road look like? Couple big things, GNOME 2.16, Xorg 7, Conary 1.1, and a more structured release management process.

Anyone that watches the commits mailing list can see that I was a busy bee this weekend. All of GNOME 2.16 Beta 1 is commited and cooked on our new development label. I also created all the troves (and cooked them) on the new devel label. And the big thing, Xorg 7, all the sources are committed.

So what does the new release management process work? Glad you asked, for 1.0 we have @fl:1-devel (development) and @fl:1 (release). We will continue to maintain @fl:desktop until the 1.0 release. All cooking will happen on @fl:1-devel with a strong preference for rMake cooks. And only shadow to the release label.

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