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Some days, one of the Metacity maintainers will post at the end of the day about what’s been going on in Metacity that day. There will be links to discussions, and you should feel free to dive in. We might link to Bugzilla discussions, discussions on the various downstream trackers such as launchpad, news coverage, or random blogs. (If you mention Metacity in your blog, we will get to hear about it, and we might link it and discuss what you say.)

Metacity Journal, 2008-10-23

Recent activity GNOME bug 557536: Ka-Hing Cheung noted on this blog that wmctrl wasn’t able to make Metacity windows stick.  Thomas investigated and found that this is because that part of the EWMH had never been implemented.  It now has been. Several bugs cropped up in 2.25.2 almost immediately, which have all been fixed, and […]

Metacity Journal: 2008-10-16

Welcome back to the Metacity journal, your (more or less) daily roundup of all things Metacity. Okay, so it hasn’t happened for six months and I did this one by hand instead of with the script. Anyway, feel free to poke your nose into any of these conversations . GNOME bug 556464: Michael Terry wanted to remove […]

2008-04-27: Metacity given enough eyeballs

Eric Raymond has proposed in his essay “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” that given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow, using Linux as a particular example. The idea may be true in the abstract, but in practice even if a project has many users it won’t necessarily have enough eyeballs, and most users of the […]

2008-04-16: an abbreviated Metacity Journal just to get back into the swing of things

Checkins on trunk ChangeLog, src/core/window.c by tthurman ChangeLog, src/ui/preview-widget.c by tthurman ChangeLog, src/, src/ by tthurman ChangeLog, src/core/prefs.c by tthurman ChangeLog, src/core/session.c by jensg ChangeLog, src/core/compositor.c by iain ChangeLog, src/ by lucasr LinksI’m seeing quite a theme of comparisons with Compiz here. Tombuntu tells their readers how compositing works in Metacity; a good number of […]

2008-03-30: Metacity Journal: out like a lion

Here we are again. It’s been a hectic few weeks and the backlog has built up a lot, so we’ll just talk about the most recent couple of days. There’s been an effort to get all unanswered bugs answered. The next step is to go through all NEEDINFO bugs and close as appropriate, and then […]

2008-03-06: Caecilius est in horto, Metacity Journal est in blogo

Releases 2.23.1 went out today. Yay. Bugs GNOME bug 326156 – the debate over what raise_on_click means in various focus modes rumbles on GNOME bug 358674 (unidirectional maximisation) – Josh Triplett says that the TCA fix doesn’t go far enough, and that we should (also? or only?) consider FMB. Your reasoned responses are most welcome. […]

2008-03-02: a rather muted Metacity Journal

Fewer things have been happening, but what they’ve lacked in number they’ve made up in excitingness. Excitingosity. Whatever it is. Bugs GNOME bug 358674 – the venerable unidirectional maximisation bug was closed today, with over fifty comments on the clock, several duplicated bugs, and two factions: FMB, who wanted horizontal or vertical maximisation to happen […]

2008-02-29: for when your mouse says “Wurlitzer” on the side

Havoc sends along a link to GNOME bug 44927, an excellent answer to the question “But why not just include this patch? It’s only a bit more code!”: “I included this patch [“support >5 mouse buttons”] since it seems harmless.” Bugs GNOME bug 437910 – there has been a fair amount of interesting discussion off […]

2008-02-27: Metacity Journal

When things are this busy I should be doing these daily. Bugs We reported earlier, gentle reader, that the rounded corners preview GNOME bug 460018 was solved in both trunk and the gnome-2-22 branch by Thomas Wood. We made probably the last release of 2.21 specially to include the patch . GNOME bug 490668 – one […]

2008-02-20: Metacity Journal (with thanks to Rio!)

Rio is helping me edit the Metacity Journal tonight. Thanks, Rio! Bugs It’s been a busy couple of days ! GNOME bug 106249 — Matthias comes up with a working patch for the skip_taskbar problem GNOME bug 138290 — Rob thought window placement had its problems, but Thomas wasn’t sure what they were; we need to […]