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I think there was quite some time since my last post about gtranslator. After some months without touching anything on gtranslator I decided to come back to it and fix several critical bugs and I think that right now is in quite a good state. We still have to seal the API and fix here and there but now I think it is usable and quite useful for gnome translators.

About the latest news:

  • As you can see we have a new logo!! I think it is really good and I’d like to thanks Ulisse Perusin.
  • Removed the subversion plugin as it is quite useless right now. (Hope we will have a git plugin soon)
  • I refactored all the api using gtr instead of gtranslator. (Quite a pain task)
  • No more weird crashes with the header.
  • Now we use libunique so we use a single instance (I’d like to thanks to the libunique devs for their great work)
  • And quite a lot of bugfixes.

So if you are a translator please test this program and let us know what you think about it, how you would improve it and file bugs!!

7 Responses

  1. antxon.urrutia Says:

    Nice work!

    Is there any chance to have gtranslator running on windows?

    Mila esker :)

  2. nacho Says:

    AFAIK there is already an executable for it, have a look in the gtranslator page, I think it is posted there the link.

  3. Baris Says:


    Nice to hear you back to gtranslator hacking and header code is fixed.))

  4. Pēteris Krišjānis Says:

    My killer features what I would like to have in Gtranslator is spell check and support to translation memory (I forgot how was that standard called).

  5. [Blocked by CFC] nacho Says:

    That is already supported. :)

  6. Aloriel Says:

    Nice! I’ll keep filling bugs ;)

    However I’d like to know whether you thought about a feature for deleting entries from the translation DB.

    Thanks Nacho.

  7. nacho Says:

    Well, about that… some day… :) We really need more man power.