gtranslator needs help

In this post I want to comment a little bit about the progress on gtranslator. In the past months I fixed several critical bugs and I added a few cool features. Though nowadays I’m not having so much time to invest on implementing big things, I’m just bugfixing. So I was wondering if anybody would like to invest some time in this project helping us to implement some things that I have in mind:

  • A new backend for the translation memories using sqlite. Currently we are using libdb and it is becoming a pain to maintain.
  • Provide a way to fill automagically the header fields.
  • A plugin to provide a glosary (Easy stuff but it would take some time)
  • Finish the project manager I made some time ago and maybe deal with damned-lies with it.
  • Add some interfaces to be able to open different documents. Right now gtranslator only deals with PO files. Or maybe create some conversors and manage everything with po files internally.
  • Seal the API and provide bindings for python or vala.
  • Bug fixes in general.

So if you are interested in this project feel free to join us in the #gtranslator channel on GIMPNET to tell you how you can start helping.

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3 Responses to gtranslator needs help

  1. Jonh Wendell says:

    Thanks for your work dude, gtranslator rocks!

    I’ve sent a message to brazilian translators to see if there’s someone interested in giving some love to gtr 😉

  2. nacho says:

    Thank you so much Jonh

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