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The other day I saw the announce by Sven Herzberg about the gutachter tool, so I decided to make a plugin for gedit. The plugin can be downloaded from my github: . I hope you enjoy it, and kudos to Sven for making this tool and a so easy to use API.

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  2. George says:

    Good evening, Nacho.

    I don’t know if it’s the right place to do, but is it possible to ask for creating a plugin to show/hide indent guidelines (very useful vertical lines that indicate opening and closing pair of tags, like in Geany or Kate) ?

    This would be so great. Working with tabulation marks is hard with long code. Vertical guidelines make it so easy…

    Thanks for all,


  3. George says:

    That you very much for your answer, Nacho…

    With the drawspaces plugin (from gedit-plugins modules) you have the option called “draw tabs”. Selecting this wille show tabulation marks on screen. The problem is that with long text code, it’s not very easy to keep eyes on the computer, the workspace becoming very “heavy”.

    When you have a look at Geany/Kate/Komodo/Notepad++ or else, you can use the indent vertical guidelines which is far more useful and “soft” when you spend times on coding.

    Just have a look at this picture :

    This is, in my opinion, the only thing missing in Gedit. It is still the best text editor I’ve ever use and I’ll never change for anyone else. But I don’t know python at all to create this plugin.

    Is there a chance for seeing this option or plugin in a near future ? That would make Gedit the greatest one…

    I’m sorry for my bad english, Nacho, and to ask you that kind of questions.

    Thank you very much.


    • nacho says:

      Well, we don’t have in mind to provide such plugin anytime soon, also the drawspaces plugin is the one that we use, but feel free to try to make one that makes such drawing instead.

  4. chanel says:

    Is there a chance for seeing this option or plugin in a near future ? That would make Gedit the greatest one…

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