New things in gedit-cossa

Maybe this is not as awesome as the post from jesse, but I think it is worth to tell about it. With the new addition in GTK+ for reporting the position of the parsing error in the CSS provider, we can now edit the file and check the errors when we save the file or when we reload the theme preview. By the way, this has been already released and it is packed for fedora 16.

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  1. Jesse van den Kieboom says:

    Cool stuff! Actually we could integrate this diagnostic in my plugin which already has all the infrastructure for it, would make things more consistent and maintained in one place, just a thought :)

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  2. Carlos Garnacho says:

    Hey, really awesome to see this done :), thanks! It was in the todo list since day 0, this is going to improve the experience of writing themes quite a lot

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