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At NICE we make use of GTK+ on Windows, Linux and OSX on our product Desktop Cloud Visualization. Till now we managed to do everything with the released versions of GTK we were getting from but we are in a point where we need the new features from GLib and there are no new versions for Windows. The point, we were checking all the possibilities out there, sbuild, hexchat’s, using fedora’s mingw binaries, using suse’s mingw binaries… Either they did not provide all the packages or they just provided the packages for win32 and not for win64 but we did not manage to have a bundle of the gtk’s libraries.

As you may know Tarnyko was the previous person in charge of making the GTK bundles, he did a really good job and he also provided a build system to setup the build system and build all the required libraries. The problem is that it was not setup in a git repository, it was providing all the tarballs and it was not easy to update them, since you would have to download the tarball, replace the old one and update the scripts to build it. What we did was to take this build system and improve it so things are a bit more automated, so at the end you just have to update the version number to get the new version of the library built, we’ve also set it up so it builds glib 2.40 and gtk2 2.24 and gtk3 3.12.

We have released this new build system under the GNOME repository:

If you have any doubts, you want to contribute to it (please do it!) feel free to send us a mail, contact either me or pbor on the gtk+ channel of the IRC.

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  1. thiblault Saunier Says:

    Have you checked out cerbero: ? It is a build system and packaging tool for windows, mac os X, linux, android and iOS. It is mainly used to build GStreamer, but it also has recipes for Gtk+ and the graphic stack, as well GObject Introspection as it is currently being used to build daily bundles of the Pitivi Video Editor.

    I would be great if we could manage to use the same tools to do the cross platform compilation and packaging of Gnome technologies.

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  2. Daniel Espinosa Says:

    I didn’t found and scrips as for your INSTRUCTIONS.txt

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  3. Ignacio Casal Quinteiro Says:

    Just choose which one you want win32 or win64, enter in the z_Install folder and then run the scripts one by one. Once there it is ready, go to the libs folder and run the BUILDALL script, that should do it.

  4. Andrea Zagli Says:

    have you tried msys2?

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  5. Ignacio Casal Quinteiro Says:

    No, I just tried what Tarnyko was using which did the work for me. If you though get it working with msys2 I’d be glad to accept a patch.

  6. exim Says:

    Hi Ignacio,

    I was just wandering if NICE is open to a remote employment from Europe for an experienced C++/wxWidgets/Gtk engineer?


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  7. Adrien Nader Says:

    I need to mention here too. Some versions are a bit behind but that’s only temporary (a few weeks at most) and it has a fairly large number of packages, especially in the development version.

    And it is precisely meant to solve this kind of issues.

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  8. Michael Cronenworth Says:

    What’s wrong with Fedora’s packages? We offer the latest Mingw-w64 compiler, latest glib2, and nearly always the latest gtk2/3 packages. 32-bit and 64-bit are available.

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  9. Ignacio Casal Quinteiro Says:

    Michael, we tried them and they did just not work for us when using them with visual studio, since they are build with some special option that made us include some mingw specific library we didn’t want to include (I’d need to check again to recall which one) the ones from opensuse worked quite well but they were not updated.

  10. Ignacio Casal Quinteiro Says:

    Hey, on the web page you should be able to send your CV, we are always looking for new experienced people.

  11. exim Says:

    Great! So I assume you’re open to a remote/from-home employment. I’ll most likely get in touch in a couple of months (doing some contract work at the moment).

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