Clocking on

This blog has been quiet for a little while now. I’ve been busy doing other things, mainly finishing up my studies, which are now complete (woo hoo!) I also took a well-earned break. Now I’m back, starting today as a member of the Red Hat desktop team.

I’m hugely excited to be taking on this role. It will enable me to step up a gear in my work on GNOME, and I’m also looking forward to working for one of the biggest supporters of upstream FOSS. So, watch this space!

25 thoughts on “Clocking on”

  1. Welcome! Looking forward to working with you (again) :-)

  2. Congratulations! (also for your studies coming to an end ;) and getting a chance to implement all you have learnt.) Will you be doing designing/usability stuff?

    1. Hey Chandni! Yes, it’s a design position, so that’s mostly what I’ll be doing. Pretty ideal for me!


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