GUADEC Highlights

I learnt that Lapo is a real-life human being, and not a robot.

Meeting awesome new contributors.

Hanging out with old friends.

Matthias’s slides – who needs presentation software, when you can write a GTK+ app to do the job?

All the keynotes, especially Matthew Garrett’s.

Getting to meet Timm B├Ąder, who’s behind the awesome Corebird. I even got around to sending him some patches.

GNOME’s new privacy team.

Jan’s talk on design in ownCloud was great, as usual.

The lightning talks were a lot of fun this year.

Jim Hall.

Working on the design of Clocks with Lasse.

The picnic.

Font hilarity.

Christian’s plans for Builder.

Lots of enthusiasm around application sandboxing.

Great stuff from Benjamin on GTK+ CSS. There was a small group of us designers applauding from the back.

Le Snooker.

Working on the new Weather design with Giovanni.

Arnel gave me lovely dried mangos.

Finally, someone blew the whistle on The Swedish Conspiracy.